Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pinoy OktoBlog

Well, I'm back due to popular demand. Wahaha!
Let me rephrase that.
I'm back due to two demands? Hehehe.

Nevertheless, I'm back despite no demand at all. I'm just back. So deal with it. Wehehe.


So before October ends, perhaps I could make you join this voting for the Pinoy Blog of the Month this October.

Here is the list of nominees:
Ilocano Blogger
Student Nurses’ Notes
Pinoy Ambisyoso
Sonnie’s Porch
My Daily Sunset 2
Anna’s Daily Journal
Batang Yagit
Pinoy United Blog-o-Loco
Than-Than’s Journey of Thoughts
I Heart Manila
The Truth of Simplicity
Mar Roxas for President in 2010
Blogging Tools, Guides, Tips, and Tricks
Seashells of Island Angel
Professional Student
PostCard Headlines

(updated for the last time)
Thanks to Ambo of Pinoy Ambisyoso who corrected Pinoy United's link, which was originally linked to Than-Than's.

I've browsed through all the nominees except for YuwonCedric, which my browser can't open due to unknown reasons. A message box pops up with "Internet Explorer can't open" Boohoo. :'(

I've already voted! Hope you do, too. ^_^
Aside from the winner, there's a prize for voters also (via raffle)! ^_^

512MB Kingston Data Traveler USB

Though I already have a 512MB Kingston Data Traveler USB, it's fun to be part of this in the Pinoy blogosphere, don't you think?

I've voted for I Heart Manila to which she's commented here as Pusa. I chose this from my top 5 blogs from the 20 finalists. However, I Heart Manila took my heart because of its simplicity, sentimentality and its being true to the Pinoy spirit. ;) But, hey, this is my vote. You have to choose on your own. :D

Hopefully, next month I'll try my luck with PinoyBlogero's Pinoy Blog of the Month and get a nomination. Hehe. ^_^


  1. hi ner, thanks for voting for me =)
    btw nice blog, i'll link your blog as well, thanks ulit

  2. hi ner.

    just droppin' by here. simple blog!

    and btw, welcome back!

    can i link u up?

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. And for the complement. You have a cool site name too, Never Ending Resolve. I never would have thought n.e.r. would stand for that. :)