Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The 90s Show

I'm currently listening to Always by Erasure. Still remember this? Of course, when you hear this, the UMD (Universal Motion Dancers) comes to mind. That is if you're like me who grew up in the 90's. (I'm in my early twenties, okay.)

Dance icons then were the UMD, Streetboys, Maneuvers and Abstract dancers. Aside from Always, dance numbers in school were composed of Macarena, Ragamuffin Girl, Dying Inside, Short Short Man, Lick It, Boombastic, Howie Gee (I dunno its spelling) and the like. However, I did not dance in school. People then think of me as a nerd. (As if. Hehe.)

Eraserheads topped off the OPM charts with Magasin, Toyang, Ang Huling El Bimbo and With a Smile. Meanwhile, boybands started emerging like mushrooms after Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, 911, Westlife, The Moffatts, Five, Savage Garden... the list goes on. I'm sure more than one of my girlfriends know this boyband history because they were into the craze. I still remember girls buying posters outside the school grounds or singing boyband choruses at the top of their lungs while lurking the corridors.

But more than the music, I grew up as a couch potato. My defective eyesight might be because of watching too close at our television that had no remote control. Not that the RC has to do with it.

This was the era of dubbed cartoons and telenovelas. Who did not cry with Princess Sarah, Cedie, Nelo (in Dog of Flanders), Remi and the other morning/afternoon cartoon children? Who did not go home early to watch Marimar at 6 PM in Channel 9? Or Ang TV at 4:30 PM in Channel 2?

As a child, I had a crush on Alexis (Shaider). I was shattered a year ago when I learned he died already due to cancer. Too late I was. Meanwhile, Annie became a porn star. Perhaps she's retired by now.

Aside from Shaider, there's Maskman, Mask Rider Black, Turbo Rangers, Jetman, Machine Man and all other mechanical men out there. Of course, it was also the era of the Anime infiltration through Channel 5, 9 and 13: Ghost Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, Time Quest, Sailor Moon, Daimos. (I won't consider Voltes V and Mazinger Z here 'coz they came in the Philippines in the 70s originally.)

I got hold of puppy love with Peachy and Wacks. (I was a TGIS fan, not Gimik. Sorry.) I was entertained by Kwarta o Kahon, That's Entertainment and GMA Supershow. I could go on and on and on. But I need to stop for a drink. The memories are too overpowering. Hehe.

Overall the 90s was a good decade for me. It was my childhood and teenage life.

Well, this was my bit of the 90s. What's yours?

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  1. wow! great overview of the 90's! i miss everything in the 90's... hey, i also loved tgis!