Monday, July 16, 2007

Zoobic Safari: Croco Loco

The last, but not definitely the least, portion of the tour in Zoobic Safari is Croco Loco. Here you will walk through a steel bridge wherein you are in proximity of approximately 200 crocodiles, especially just below your feet as shown in picture below.

Quarter chickens are sold at a rate of Php 50 each to be fed to the crocodiles by the buyers themselves. The piece of chicken meat is hung in a long rod so you could tease the crocodiles first before feeding them. It's just like catching fish by worms, only deadlier. :D

Once you enter Croco Loco, it seems that all crocs are not moving. Kuya Noel said that crocs conserve their energy by not moving at all for a very long period of time. As their defense mechanism, they can blend well in their surroundings, that's why some of the crocs I saw were "grayed out" to blend in the pavement.

If you will notice the picture above, the crocodiles are not moving yet they are waiting for the opportune time to attack and get the prized chicken. Kuya Noel advised my officemates to tease the crocs by swinging the meat out of the crocs' range once they get nearer, thus the great shot below: Croc in Action. :)

(c) Pictures taken by Melissa Bolivar

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