Thursday, June 21, 2007

Zoobic Safari: Zoobic Park

Before I go through the tour with you, let me remind you not to take the tour before you take your lunch because it will take approximately 3 hours of your time. Unless you have a strong stomach. Don't imitate our group. After the tour, we didn't have time to talk while eating due to hunger. :P

So proceeding with the tour, the Zoobic Park is a (long) walk through a tropical jungle wherein you could mingle with most farm animals and some jungle species also.

Aside from the tour guide providing additional information on the animals, there are posts on the whole zoo premise containing animal trivia. I'll try to provide you with info also as far as I could remember.

Fleece is the fur of the sheep when they still have it on their bodies. When sheared from the sheep, it is then called wool.

When monkeys smile, they're not actually smiling back at you. It means that they perceive you as an enemy and they are ready to attack you. They are actually showing their fangs when they look like smiling.

In the Walt Disney film, Bambi is an Australian white-tailed deer.

Alpacas (below left) are mistaken to be camels. You could feed their Dromedary camels (one of which is below right) with leaves found in the premises.

(c) Pictures taken by Melissa Bolivar

Photo at above left is of Nicolas, one of the bears you will see in the zoo. Meanwhile photo at above right is of Kuya Noel, our tour guide (which we didn't have the chance to thank; so thank you! ^_^), and an ostrich (I forgot its name). More ostriches can be found in a drive-through attraction of Zoobic Safari named Savannah.

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