Friday, April 20, 2007

Cordon Off

Well, it seems I've finished repackaging my blog for sometime and so I'm cutting off the construction cordon. :)

Obviously I've gotten a new layout which I took from Blogger templates as I was browsing through the net. However it had its own CSS class so I had to tweak the template and re-publish my posts to smaller fonts. (I think I heart small fonts ^_^)

I've also added labels to organize my convoluted posts, which attest to my twisted brain, ei? Hehe.

FYI on the labels (as if needed)...

  • Blogly Speaking - Anything to do with this blog.

  • Bo Alerts - I've actually taken participation into Bo's Web Ministry. That's the reason for the earlier post.

  • Bookwormed - Self-explanatory; I'll be worming on books. XD

  • Captured - Unplugged images.

  • Chocolates - I heart chocolates so stuff here would be those that I really love.

  • Doodles Noodles - I just love the rhyme. I doodle once in a while.

  • Dramatix - Emo trips.

  • Elucidations - Rediscovering philosophies and realizations.

  • Giggles - Corny stuff I could laugh at. Weehee.

  • Moi in a Box - Explore my confused individuality.

  • Rhyming Verses - May not rhyme all the time but poems in their essence.

  • Sketches - Bits and pieces of stories.

  • Soulfood - To God be all the glory indeed.

This list may go on and on in the future if I deem needed. Hehe.

I'm planning to take blogging seriously but how can I do that if...

*By the way highway (BTWH) :
A friend sent me a link to Making Fiends but I can't seem to finish any episode. Darn it.

*On the Shelf:

1. How to Find Your One True Love by Bo Sanchez
2. 10x10x10: Sampung Tigsasampung Minutong Dula Mula sa Sampung Mandudula (Hope I get the title right. Thanks for sharing, Tin! ^_^)

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  1. Asteeg! Subscribe nga ako sa 'Chocolates', 'Dramatix', 'Elucidations' at sa 'Moi in a Box'.

    "Rhyming verses" - yan ba yung mga "YES! YES! Oh yes!"? nyeahahahahaha

    - ay mali, "Rhythmic verses" pala yun ^_o